Volunteer at Vineyard

Every week, various members volunteer to serve in different areas as one of the avenues to use their gifts. Whether you want to serve once a month or every week, there are lots of ways to serve here at Vineyard. We would love to help you find a spot where you can flourish. 

Places to serve

We’d like you to consider one of the following teams as your next step in serving for the Church:

The Worship Team is made up of volunteers participating in several ways. Whether it's running sound, playing an instrument or singing, each week we come together to help our congregation connect with God through song. Volunteers for worship often serve one or two Sundays a month, with practices being held before the service.


The Communications Team is made of individuals serving in a variety of creative areas. Multimedia, website maintenance, social media, etc. are just a few of the ways volunteers help out each week Vineyard. When making a commitment to the Communications Team serving members volunteer between one and two Sundays a month.

The Facilities Team is a group of dedicated workers, cleaners, and organizers that keep the church going. Each week we take a little time to tidy up the church building and facilities. Every area of the church is assigned to a crew for care. Each individual sets their time to come in and clean. Volunteers typically serve multiple weeks a month.

If you're interested in learning more from one of our team members, please  fill out the Volunteer @ Vineyard form.

The Rolla Mission

The Rolla Mission is a nonprofit organization, located below the church, that exists to be a refuge for the disadvantaged. Practical resources are offered to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of its patrons. It offers a free laundromat, shower facilities, free meals, and safe place to relax and socialize. 

There are lots of ways to help. If you are interested in volunteering or just want to learn more about what's happening there, feel free to contact them at therollamission@gmail.com. You can also find out more at The Mission website or on Facebook.